Organization and stages of office relocation

Organization and stages of office relocation

Every enterprise successfully operating in the market sooner or later faces such a concept as office relocation. There may be many reasons for moving. The change of office to a larger and more modern one, the arrival of new employees, a more convenient location, the best transport interchange, and many, many other reasons. But they all lead to one, you need to carry a load consisting of office furniture, household appliances and personal things of employees to a new place. How to properly plan and implement we consider in this article.

A lot of people know that the move is a very difficult task. But today it is not so bad. With proper and high-quality planning and synchronous actions, the move will take place quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

Today, office relocation can be done in two ways:

  • by the office staff;
  • by outsiders (moving companies).

Moving by the office staff

This way of moving is clear and simple. The office is moved by its employees. People bring their tools, make disassembly / assembly, take-out / skidding, packing furniture and household appliances. A vehicle of an employee or their friends is involved for transportation. This method is relatively simple and cheap. But there is some degree of risk. Indeed, as elsewhere, where non-professionals work, the risk of loss and damage to the property of a firm is great. And the most important thing is that these losses fall on the “shoulders” of the moving enterprise. If you doubt that you want to do everything yourself, you can use the moving help in SoCal. This company will help you make the move easy and fast.

Transfer with moving company

This is probably the most affordable way to move the office. After all, to move in such a way it is enough to make one phone call to a transport company that specializes in providing services in this area. At the appointed time, people will arrive with their tools and on their vehicles and will do all the needed work for you. This way of moving is a little bit more expensive, but it eliminates many troubles and problems that necessarily arise when moving. The main thing is to identify the scope of work and pay the required amount. Conventionally, all transfers can be divided into several stages.

  1. First stage. This stage can include planning and defining the scope of work. It is necessary to take into account the number, size, weight of things transported. Correct determination of these parameters will allow to distribute duties, select the necessary tool, decide on packaging.
  2. The main stage. At this stage, disassembly and packaging of furniture, household appliances and personal things of employees. For packing, cardboard boxes or specialized materials are usually used. If necessary, each box is labeled.
  3. Transportation. In this stage, things are demolished to the vehicle, loaded and directly transported to a new office. At the time of loading you should pay special attention. Overall and heavy things are loaded on the floor of the car, you can put smaller things on them. Fragile and breakable products can be put up or completely apart. Each piece of furniture should be tied with fastening straps and set as close as possible to each other. This method of loading will avoid friction and slip during transportation.
  4. The final stage. At this stage, you need to unload things, bring them into the room, perform assembly and placement into their places. Before assembling all the furniture, the floor in the room should be laid out with cardboard, this will avoid damage to the bottom of the furniture and the floor covering.

As can be seen from this article, office relocation is not difficult. But it needs to be properly planned, clearly assign responsibilities and constantly monitor. Then the process itself will pass quickly, clearly and harmoniously, and the money spent will be minimal.

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