What is reverse proxy

What is reverse proxy

Proxy servers have been in the lives of network users for a long time. Many people can not imagine their day without working with them. But it often happens that we use a proxy server without even knowing it. This time it’s not about its use by site visitors, but about cases when it is used by site administrators. This happens quite often, and we do not even know about it during web surfing. This is a reverse proxy. Why are they doing that?

Let’s try to list the main applications of such proxies.

When you need to reduce the load on the main site

If a website is very popular and is regularly visited by a huge number of users, in order to provide uninterrupted access, administrators can unload the main server using a proxy. Using their return type in this case, they are able to redirect visitors to third-party servers that will take part of the traffic and load. This happens quite often, because there are a lot of extremely popular portals in the network, which are regularly visited by hundreds of thousands of users. With such a large number of visitors, one cannot avoid problems even with the most powerful server. As a result, you have to resort to reverse proxy services, because such popular portals cannot afford to work intermittently and cause discomfort to their visitors. If you are the owner of a large site and think about acquiring individual proxies, then it is possible to consider the option of acquiring exactly the reverse type. This solution is used by many of the most popular web resources. You can order such a proxy server here Proxy-Seller.Com.

When you need to hide the true server

Reverse proxies are often used by unscrupulous sites that make money by cheating people or selling unlicensed products. With the help of such a server, they hide the address of their server from the law and avoid imposing sanctions. Such cases, too, can often be found. The saddest thing is that visitors cannot guess that they are redirected to the reverse server. Therefore, in the network should always be as careful as possible and pay attention to the quality of those resources that you visit.

When you need to put additional protection on the main server

But using the reverse server is possible not only to avoid certain sanctions from the law holders. Very often, it is used by server owners who want to hide their server from all sorts of DDOS and DOS attacks. After all, when using a reverse server, an attacker directs his attacks against him, while the site owner’s server remains completely safe. Basically, this step can be addressed by the owners of sites that are regularly subjected to such attacks. But do not wait. If you own a project that may be of interest to intruders, then it is better to immediately turn your attention to the possibility of using a reverse proxy server. Order this by clicking on this link https://proxy-seller.com/german-proxy.

If you want to get an SSL certificate

The fact is that some servers do not provide the ability to use SSL. In this case, the site owner can use the reverse server services and solve this problem. Having picked up the reverse server supporting SSL, you can immediately redirect the site visitors to it.

Reverse proxying is usually understood as a process in which a server receiving a request from a client does not process it completely independently, but partially or completely sends this request for processing to other (upstream) servers. That is, it does not redirect the client, but sends the request on its own and returns the response received to the client.

This, although not the whole range of applications of the reverse proxy server, but it may well describe its main features and potential use. Administrators often use the services of a reverse server.

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