Best designed iOS Apps

Best designed iOS Apps

You’ll see the best examples of iOS app design. This article has collected not only applications with amazing design, but also with a design that is created with user care in mind. Let’s get started on viewing this amazing list.

The best lifestyle app: Artsy

Interested in contemporary art? Did you know that if not helping of Gala, then Salvador Dali would hardly have sold at least a couple of his paintings? Thanks to her support, he became a popular artist in the last century. But who supports the new generation of artists?

This app is Gala for the creators of modern times. It features over 600,000 works by contemporary artists. You can buy a picture, you can help spread the word about it on social networks or participate in an auction.

Using this application, you understand that contemporary art isn’t only relevant, it lives on your iPhone.

The sleek lines, angles, a combination of stunning shades – this is what makes the design of this application amazing. And in combination with beautiful paintings by new artists, this application is simply unrivaled.

This iOS development company knows how to make our world better. 

The best photography app: Halide

This amazing application was specially developed for iOS. Moreover, the developers did it specifically for the iPhone X, but nevertheless it’s available for older versions of the iPhone.

Of course, the first thing that will amaze you in this application is its design. It’s not just beautiful, it’s amazing! 

Stylish. Simply. Nothing extra. Using this application is extremely convenient, but you yourself have probably already seen this because this application is so popular that probably every second owner of the iPhone downloaded it.

But the most important thing is that with this application, your chances of making a cool photo will increase even more.

The best app about health & fitness: Human

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle will appreciate this wonderful app. It not only has a wonderful design, it’s also very convenient to use.

The Human app helps you track your steps, running, and even your bike ride. The application does its job perfectly. But that’s not all.

Human application includes a social element. Here you’ll find more than 900 cities around the world where you can watch the activity of these places. 

Convenient, helps to socialize, beautiful. This application is worthy of attention. No wonder it quickly became popular, finding its loyal users from all over the world, and uniting all of them with the desire to become better every single day.

The best educational app: Coursera

Coursera is a serious learning process without boredom. This application is dedicated to training in various fields. Every day you’ll learn something new. Here you’ll find only truly valuable knowledge.

Coursera is one of the best educational program leaders. Their certificates really arouse interest to the person possessing them. By the way, you don’t have to pay large amounts of money to complete the course.

The design of this application is particularly smooth. The main color is white, so nothing distracts you from the useful content. Valuable information that appears even in small things. Weren’t you dreaming of such courses?

Coursera is a university that is always in your pocket.

The best entertainment app: Eventbrite

Thanks to the simple and stylish interface of this application, you have the most convenient way to search for events in your city. Doing this has never been so convenient.

All events are divided into categories. You can choose different cities. Select events by dates, tags, categories. But what’s the point of telling about it when you need to download this application and try to use it.

A feature of this application is the ease of use, due to the simplicity of its design. The interface combines white and orange colors, and the application itself is intuitive, because it was created with concern for the user. Want to know more, then download it right now.

The most unusual iOS app design: Peek Calendar

Yes, this is a calendar. But this is the most extraordinary calendar you have ever seen. Everything is unusual in it: from the choice of colors to the design of dates.

A bright, extraordinary, but extremely convenient application is waiting for you to download it.

What about your application?

Nowadays it’s not enough to come up with a good idea, you also need to be able to draw it out in a high-quality way. Take a look at the website of this creative design studio and you will see even more great examples of applications created with user care in mind:

Thanks to the help of the design studio, you will have the opportunity to engage in the development of ideas, and not think about what color to choose for a home page, and what color to highlight the link in the contact information.

If everyone will do his own thing, then the result will be much better.

Let Rondesign agency will become your Gala.

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