iOS 13: How to use Safari download manager

iOS 13: How to use Safari download manager

Apple rarely meets users, but this year something completely unexpected happened. In Cupertino, they took and agreed to add to the iOS 13 OS a lot of such innovations, whose appearance a year ago seemed like something fabulous.

One of these functions was the download manager at Safari, which turns a standard web browser into an advanced tool that allows you to get the most out of working with the Network.

Although, in fact, the download manager is a desktop function, which means it should have appeared only on iPadOS, it is also available for iPhones on iOS 13.

By default, the download manager will save files to iCloud, without clogging the memory of your iPhone or iPad.

However, if you wish, you can manually specify the save location and start saving files directly to your mobile gadget. From here they can be redirected to any folder you create just like on a PC.

Surprisingly, the manager of downloads in Safari allows you to download files of all sizes from the Internet. With it, you can download the image of the beta version of iOS 13 directly to your iPhone, which is hosted on third-party resources.

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