How to develop a successful enterprise application

How to develop a successful enterprise application

Digital Transformation is a new approach to business that allows you to build communication with users through digital channels. Do people like to communicate via smartphones? – Ok, here are chatbots on the site, an online store, a recommendation program and, of course, corporate applications for employees. In this article we will talk about how to make iOS application development more successful.


Last year, Sapho conducted research and found out what prevents employees from working more efficiently. 62% of respondents complained that they had to use several systems: work email, internal CRM, project management services. The disparate streams of information take time. For example, mail checking alone can take up to 2.6 hours per day, with 40 percent of the mails not directly related to work tasks. The question will be solved by personalization of enterprise applications. Your employees will receive only the information they personally need for their work: push notifications, personalized data. Arguments in favor of personalization: productivity increases by more than 40%, employees save up to 7.5 hours per week on routine tasks and effectively use their free time outside the office.


Neurobiologist and UI/UX expert Menno Kramer says that in the usability of enterprise applications often there is a mismatch between what the business wants and what users really need. Companies overload applications with functionality, do not care about navigation and design. Make your UX application clear and user-friendly, and think about the functionality. Employees will appreciate it and their performance will increase.

Additional Options

Corporate mobile applications are suitable for companies of all sizes. The main thing is to choose the right options. Do not limit yourself to template functions, add yours. Messenger – for fast information exchange between employees, content sharing – to create a single information field in the company, push notifications for project meetings. Depending on your business, the Enterprise application will use GPS navigation, scanning and document recognition.

Data protection

According to statistics, 77% of company employees do not receive instructions on how to use the enterprise application. More than 50% of business owners admit that they do not check mobile applications for vulnerabilities. Gartner is more optimistic about security and claims that by 2020, 90% of companies will test the security of their business applications.

MeisterTask, a competitor to Trello, is an enterprise project management application. The service distributes tasks across kanban boards. You can monitor the work, add participants, assign tasks to them. MeisterTask developers assure that the data in the application are secure: the servers are located in a certified data center in Germany, the data is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption, and there is two-factor authentication. MeisterTask is a boxed solution, it cannot be customized for a specific business. But you can always develop a custom enterprise application with different levels of data protection.

If you decide to create a corporate solution, think about its functionality and chips, do not forget about personalization and usability. You don’t have to follow all the trends at once. Start with one and gradually implement all the others. Find reliable mobile application development services that will take into account all current trends and allow you to create a great application as a result.

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