Best iPhone4s Wallpaper of the week!

Here at iMore, we pride ourselves on member participation, and that participation is evident in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 home screen threads. 

So many of you have uploaded your wonderful screenshots and have often shared them with other members to enjoy on their devices in both the 4s and the iPhone 5 forums. Thank you for being kind and considerate.

We have decided to showcase an iMore poster on a weekly basis by selecting what we consider to be the best home screens, and this will be our inaugural contest post. 

This will be a weekly event so if you want your wallpaper considered for the best screenshot of the week, make sure you post in the Show Us Your iPhone 4s Home Screen thread! The winner will be chosen from all of the entries submitted during a seven day period and have their winning screenshot and wallpaper posted here.
Here is the winning wallpaper courtesy of our first winner Brayton Norman!

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