Complaint from Google / Github Repo Deleted

I just received an email from my host explaining that a complaint has been received from Google.


Dear Customer,

We have received a possible legal complaint regarding your domain name IOS-INGRESS.COM. Since we were provided with proof the complainant owns a potentially applicable trademark, we have disclosed your identity for the limited purpose of this complaint so that the complainant can communicate directly with you to seek resolution. We have not canceled your service or disclosed your identity to any additional parties. Please direct any questions regarding this issue to the complainant, whose contact information is listed below:

Complainant Contact Information:
[Name Removed]
[Email Removed]

Very truly yours,

[Name Removed]
Office of the General Manager
Domains By Proxy, LLC

Alex received a similar email and they deleted his git hub repository. It seems that Google is no longer a champion of open source and would rather stamp it out. 

That being said, we will keep this site up as long as possible. 

Since the git hub repo was shut down, we will need to find a new way to distribute the code. More will come on this later. The ipa and over the air will still be distributed via this website and social media.

I will update this announcement when more information becomes available.



We appreciate your enthusiasm in sharing Ingress information. We hope you are enjoying the game. Unfortunately, your iOS port and the methods used to create it are in violation of our Terms of Service. We would greatly appreciate it if you remove all works, and refrain from creating any future works using or accessing Ingress content.

-[Name Removed]; NianticOps

few moments later, Github repo was deleted.

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