Your first VPS server

Your first VPS server

In very rare cases, novice site owners post their projects immediately on a personal separate server. It is not always possible to predict how fast a project will develop, so free virtual hosting services most often become the first home for a site. But over time, any project in which resources are invested becomes more and more. As a result, virtual hosting services lose their ability to satisfy all its needs – they simply do not have enough resources and technologies.

The main reasons are:

  1. The increased number of site visitors who create an increased load on the hosting, depleting its resources and slowing down the site.
  2. The development of the project itself, which leads to a change or complication of technology. Owners of growing projects often have to connect new modules and configurations that are simply not supported on shared hosting.

What is the difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting?

For the above reasons, the site administration finds itself in a situation where virtual hosting can no longer cope with the load of the project, and a dedicated server is not yet so necessary. The most profitable solution in this situation is to purchase a virtual server – VPS. The main feature of VPS from the company is that it has all the characteristics of a physical server, but it is not. The physical server is divided into virtual ones, which share all of its resources and emulate its elements.

The main advantages of VPS compared to shared hosting can be identified in the following list:

  • Virtual server significantly wins in the speed of the site. It provides guaranteed resources for your project, and not just shares the resources of a physical server between the sites that are located on it. Moreover, these sites can be both yours and completely alien.
  • Vds is not limited to the technologies that can be installed on it. All you have to follow is their compatibility with the server software.
  • The virtual server allows you to completely and independently manage yourself, including software and accesses.
  • On vds, it’s very easy to change the parameters, for this you do not even need to reboot it.

It is important to say that great opportunities carry great responsibility. The administrator needs to independently monitor the software update, server crashes, and he also needs knowledge on choosing the OS. However, our free administration completely eliminates such problems, so you should not be afraid of VPS.

Before starting the project, you need to choose the operating system for your server, because work in different OSs can be very different. Most often, the choice is between Windows and Linux.

Virtual server on Windows

A feature of the server on this OS is its simpler management. After all, the Windows interface and the familiar desktop are familiar to every PC user. The disadvantages can be written more resource consumption and, as a result, a higher cost.

Virtual server on Linux

Managing a server on Linux is more complicated, here you will need additional software and command knowledge. But, if you are an experienced user, you

for sure quickly figure out all the features of this OS. In return, Linux will save you resources for work, including money. VPS renting obliges its owner to constantly monitor the site, study its software and documentation. You will need to constantly monitor the creation of backups in order to prevent data loss. However, the benefits that vds provides clearly override the disadvantages. Server performance can increase at times, while the price does not change significantly, which will bring your project to a new level.

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