Automatic recording of working hours

Automatic recording of working hours

Automated time tracking is an effective solution for managers and hr-managers who want to control the work of their staff but have little time to do so. Today you won’t have any problem to automate timekeeping. It’s enough to use this online timesheet software. It will take over all the routine work and make it much easier for you to control your staff. Automatic time tracking is a modern solution for time tracking at your computer. It is a special program that is installed on the computers of employees and monitors their work throughout the working day, regardless of the work schedule and responsibilities of staff.

The program can record:

  1. when the staff’s working day starts and ends;
  2. how much each employee works in a day/week/month;
  3. how much time the employees spend on solving tasks and how much they waste;
  4. what programs and sites the employees use and how productively they use the time based on their work responsibilities;
  5. how often they are distracted from work for snacks, tea and telephone calls;
  6. how much time employees spend on meetings, meetings, negotiations and so on.

Automatic time recording – benefits for the manager

What are the advantages of automatic time tracking is easy to guess:

  • Saving time on personnel control.
  • Guarantee of timely receipt of objective data in full.
  • Quick and convenient control of absolutely all company employees, including remote representative offices and branches.
  • The ability to control employees both from a neighboring office and while on a business trip.
  • Timely detection and control of violations in the workplace.
  • Ability to delegate part of the authority to control employees of departments and groups to their direct supervisors.

This is not all the benefits that you will get with the program. You have a great opportunity to learn about the other benefits and see how effective each one is in your own experience.

Monitoring of working hours

If an employee regularly visits employment sites, he or she is likely to consider leaving your company. Monitoring the working hours of your employees will help you notice this trend in time.  All employment sites are collected in categories. So you will immediately see who visits such resources too often. This will help you either to keep a good employee, or to quickly find a replacement without affecting the company’s work.

Keep a record of the working hours of remote employees

Does your company have remote offices or do you work with freelancers? You can easily keep records of working hours and remote employees. It is as easy to install the system on remote computers as it is on computers in your office. With it, you will find out if remote employees are on schedule and what they do directly during working hours. It also makes it easy to monitor the working hours of employees working on different schedules. All information about employees’ work is automatically collected and generated in convenient for analysis reports. Having studied them, you will know the total amount of time worked and how much of it was spent on work, and how much – on solving personal issues.

Control breaches of discipline

With the help of the software you can identify violations of the daily routine. The system automatically records the time when an employee started and finished work, calculates the difference between the beginning and the end of the working day, and based on this information generates reports. Using these reports, you can see how late your employees are and how early they leave, and you can assess the regularity of such violations.

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